Strength in Conformity

Sometimes You Just Have To Let Go
By Steven J. Grisafi, PhD.

When people claim that diversity yields superior performance for an organization what they are really saying is that versatile conformity yields the best results. Military organizations have understood this for centuries. An organization needs people with a wide range of skills. But who are all committed to the same agenda. We do not have that with the “diversity” we see in America. China has it. Yet you will see countless lectures posted to the Internet by American social scientists desperate to distort reality so as to mitigate America’s cultural fractionalization.

Lincoln’s assertion that the secession of the Confederacy was analogous to a situation, where a house divided against itself cannot stand, was unfounded. There was no compelling reason for the thirteen colonies to remain united after the defeat of the British. They were all sufficiently diverse such that one could not consider them any more similar to one another than to Canada, Mexico, Cuba or any other colony in the western hemisphere. By 1860 the population of the United States had already exceeded that of the United Kingdom. The former colonies had nothing to fear from their former colonial masters.

No stars were removed from the flag of the United States when the Confederacy seceded. Lincoln intended to treat the secession as equivalent to that of the Whiskey Rebellion that President Washington suppressed. However, Lincoln failed to recognize the important distinction that the Federal government derived all of its authority solely from the acquiescence of the States. After the assassination of President Lincoln his plans were not followed. Not because of the failure of President Johnson. But because of the authority of the Radical Republicans in Congress. They sought severe punishment for the Confederate States and their leadership. All of the Confederate States were treated as having left the Union, contrary to Lincoln’s policy. Each had to be re-admitted to the Union. Unbeknownst to many Americans, it was President Johnson’s determination to continue the policies of President Lincoln, which put him in conflict with the Radical Republicans in Congress, giving him the undeserved legacy of a racist. They were all racists, including the Radical Republicans. They accepted the concept of distinct human races as valid, regardless of their opinion regarding slavery.

Lincoln had hoped to establish a new nation for the former slaves of the Confederacy. He sought help to create the African nation of Liberia as the new home for the freed slaves. It is actually the legacy of the Radical Republicans, not Lincoln, that endures today.

Those Americans, who claim indigenous ancestry, and label Presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt as racist, ought to know that their ancestors were no less racist. Just as the peoples of the eastern hemisphere have their creation myths, so too did the peoples of the western hemisphere. The creation myth of the Iroquois asserts that all peoples were created as clay baked in an oven. The white people were undercooked, the black people were overcooked, and the red people were cooked just right! This creation myth proves that they too accepted the concept of distinct human races. As regards such persons’ claims to be indigenous to the Americas: You are no more indigenous than the Europeans or the Africans who have come to the Americas. You came from Asia, we came from Europe. We may never know what peoples you displaced when you arrived in North America. I accept the Chinese version of human creation. The Chinese believe than humans first came into being within a region of Southern China. I also accept the very real possibility that there were multiple creations of the human species throughout all regions of the world. Eventually, such peoples all came into contact with one another. The people who crossed the land bridge from Siberia into Alaska, and who then settled throughout North America, most likely displaced and mingled with the peoples who arose within the continent itself. So who is to say who is indigenous? And don’t forget, we the peoples of Europe endured invasions from your ancestors, the Asians, coming from east to west, just as you have endured Europeans coming from the east. The facial features of your ancestors can be seen amongst the Europeans ranging from the Russians all the way to Hungary and the Southern Slavs. For the sake of peace and harmony among all Americans you need to accept the brutal reality of human history.