In Denial

Not Seeing the Forest Because of Trees
By Steven J. Grisafi, PhD.

Preposterous, Mr. Romney. To suggest that the denial the American People suffer from is a failure to recognize the danger Donald Trump poses to American Society is preposterous. American Society is diseased. The disease is multi-culturalism. There is astonishing similarity between Salvador Ramos and Robert Crimino. Both are a consequence of young American males having succumbed to the disease of mult-culturalism. The tragedy of Uvalde, TX and Highland Park, IL is that there was nobody in the life of either Salvador Ramos or Robert Crimino who could see that both young men did not understand the role expected of them in society.

Guns are no more prevalent than they were when I was an adolescent. In fact, they are far less prevalent. Nearly all of the toys that boys of the Baby Boom generation had were guns and other weapons. I still remember my Johnny Reb Cannon. One look at the photograph of Robert Crimino ought to have indicated to somebody that this young man is crying out for help. Nobody in his life recognized his confusion. Everybody in his life thought that he was merely expressing his individuality with his desecration of his own body. Everybody considered such freakish behavior to be entirely normal and acceptable within American Society. That is because American Society itself is diseased.

Read the response that the Chinese state mission to the European Union gave in reply to the NATO summit meeting in Madrid. Where would you find fault with their response? The usual, and only, reply that America and its allies would ever give is to dwell upon the differing form of government that the Chinese People have chosen for themselves. We respond by choosing to ignore that the Chinese People have chosen their form of government. Compare the population of the Republic of China with that of the People’s Republic of China. The nationalists (a dirty word now in American Society, but that is what the Kuomintang were) of the Kuomintang were a very tiny fraction of disaffected persons who refused to accept the will of the enormous majority. We, the Americans and the Europeans, respond by criticizing the determination of the people of China to maintain and preserve their traditional eastern culture so that their society remains free of the disease that afflicted Salvador Ramos and Robert Crimino.

President Biden has indicated that, back in November 2021, when he and America’s diplomats warned President Zelensky of Russia’s preparations for invading the Ukraine, President Zelensky refused to accept their conclusions as accurate. What I find astonishing is that President Biden and America’s diplomats did not know how to negotiate with Mr. Zelensky such that he understood the gravity of his situation. Quite simply, I would have said to Mr. Zelensky that he ought to reach a settlement with Mr. Putin immediately. I would be certain to make him understand that if he fails to do so then the Russian Army will invade his country and that he and his country are on their own. They will get no help, no weapons, no money, nothing, from the American people. Such would be stark and direct motivation for Mr. Zelensky. Instead, Mr. Biden has given the Ukraine a blank check, This is precisely what Americans have alleged that Kaiser Wilhelm II gave to Austria-Hungary. This in turn is what the Americans claim as the cause for World War I. By allowing the disruption of global commerce President Biden and his cohorts have destroyed the world’s economy. They have precipitated the dissemination of America’s most deadly state-of-the-art weapons throughout the world as well as having made ineluctable the deaths of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians. The weapons we Americans have sent to the Ukraine will be used throughout Africa and Asia in terrorist attacks on the established governments of the regions for many years to come.

I recognize the propaganda ploy now coming from both Chancellor Scholz and the prime minister of Latvia. Throughout the period between November 2021, when Russia voiced its concerns about the Ukraine, and its invasion of the Ukraine on February 24, 2022, most military and political pundits said that they could not be certain of Russia’s intentions because they believed that Vladimir Putin himself was not sure of his own intentions. Now, as part of the highly successful propaganda campaign that President Zelensky and the Ukrainians have directed primarily toward the American people, Chancellor Scholz and the prime minister of Latvia claim that Russia had the intention to invade the Ukraine a full year prior to the February 24th invasion date. Obviously, this is intended to provide cover for the immense diplomatic failure of President Biden and others to persuade Mr. Zelensky that he would need to negotiate a Magnanimous Empty Gesture with the Russian Federation. It infuriates me that Mr. Biden and the Europeans expect the American People to sacrifice, even the slightest amount, for the Ukraine. We the American People have no quarrel with either the Russian Federation nor the People’s Republic of China and we refuse to be dragged into any conflict that others may have with them.