on hiatus until approximately the month of May.

Will Resume in May

By Steven J. Grisafi, PhD.

Immutable Win will be on hiatus until approximately the month of May. I am moving my home from Pennsylvania to Wyoming. There were be a time during the last week of April that the website will be completely unavailable. I serve the website myself from a server in my home.

Some visitors may wonder why they receive a warning from their browser when they try to access this website. It is because the establishment refuses to recognize the volunteer organization CAcert.org, based in the Netherlands, as providing legitimate certificates. While it is true that one can obtain a free certificate from the organization “Let’s Encrypt” I have chosen to remain with CAcert.org because of the manner in which the certificate is renewed. The organization “Let’s Encrypt” requires the user to insert a robot, or daemon, within the server that updates the certificate monthly. CAcert.org sends me a warning when my certificate is near its expiration date and allows me to renew my certificate manually. I much prefer not inserting an alien robot into my server and updating my certificate myself.