Gravitational Waves

Quantum Oscillation of Space

By Steven J. Grisafi, PhD.

Physicists have announced the discovery of gravitational waves. Read their news report here.

Here we go again. Once again the physics community has described their experimental observations in terms of general relativity theory instead of the better choices available. First, space-time is a mathematical construction. It does not exist. It is neither real in the colloquial sense nor the mathematical sense. Whatever disturbance the laser interferometer has recorded is a perturbation of real three dimensional space and nothing else. Second, the laser interferometer has no directionality. It cannot be aimed at anything. One has no way of knowing from where a disturbance has come. The talk about this signal as having come from the precise location of known black holes is complete nonsense. Spherical waves propagating through space could have come from any direction. The physicists report that the signal began with a frequency of 35 hertz then concluded with a frequency of 250 hertz. If traveling at the speed of light, this means that the disturbance began with wavelength of approximately 8570 kilometers and ended with a wavelength of 1200 kilometers. The disturbance accrued energy from start to finish.

While one may have doubts regarding any experimental measurement, it is always best to assume proficiency of the research team. Upon further confirmation of this discovery, this disturbance would appear to be measurement of an ensemble oscillation of the minimum sphere. Whatever may have been the cause of this ensemble motion is anybody’s guess.