National Security

The Veil of Secrecy
By Steven J. Grisafi, PhD.

I am encouraged, but remain skeptical, by the effort to investigate the instigation of the Capitol Building coup d’etat on January 6th 2021. I suspect that what we will eventually get will be of a nature similar to the findings of the Warren Commission investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy. I do not mean to suggest that I believe there was any nefarious activity the Commission failed to report. But that, as is usually the case now since World War II, the full and complete truth will never be fully disclosed to the American People. In the case of the Warren Commission it was the relatively harmless connivance to overlook the anomaly of the unusual bullet found on the gurney on which Governor Connolly was brought into the hospital. There was no deep seated conspiracy associated with that evidence. But it has become the habit, or nature, of our Federal Government to deem certain information as being unhelpful to the American Republic should it be made known to the American People. This propensity, I believe will repeat itself with the investigation of the Capitol Building coup d’etat, only this time, the truth will be hidden behind the veil of National Security.

If I had to select the single most debilitating feature of our republic today I would choose our disingenuous approach to National Security. Our National Security is far less threatened from external causes than we are willing to admit. We have few true enemies capable of doing us more harm than we do to ourselves. Yet, still, our Federal Government is never truly honest with the American People. Too much, the elites who rule over us, believe is unfit for the American People to know. So, like the Warren Commission, our Federal Government omits telling the American People things our leadership believes, we the people, need not know.

Ask me to tell you what the cure is for this. I will tell you to abolish the Central Intelligence Agency. I would tell you to eliminate all presidential intelligence officials and limit intelligence activity solely to the Department of Defense. They are more than capable enough of insuring our National Security. I am not suggesting that we should handicap the efforts of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to police the safety of the American People. I am saying that ALL officials of the United States of America must obey the laws of the United States of America without exception or opportunity to hide behind the veil of National Security.

If you, Dear Reader, may be wondering what was the anomaly of the bullet found on the gurney upon which the Governor of Texas was brought to the hospital, I tell you now what conclusions I have drawn from reading the evidence. The bullet found on the gurney was in pristine condition. It had not be fired from a gun. A bullet fired from a rifled gun always bears the distinct markings unique to the gun that fired it. The bullet was of the same caliber and type for Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle. But it had not been fired from Oswald’s gun. So how did it arrive to be found on the hospital gurney? The scenario I deem most likely for Dallas Texas November 1963 is that someone in law enforcement, either a Dallas Police Officer, or a Texas State Trooper, after reaching the building from which Oswald fired his rifle at the motorcade, coming upon Oswald’s abandoned rifle, removed the bullet from an unfired cartridge, and placed it on one of the gurneys at the hospital. After having just witnessed the murder of his President, and the severe wounding of his Governor, the law enforcement officer was most likely distraught. Not thinking clearly, he reacted emotionally, determined to see that the culprit received justice. Foolishly, he attempted to plant unneeded incriminating evidence. Far worse than the foolish attempt of the officer was the attempt to whitewash the false evidence by inventing various implausible scenarios as to how the bullet could of been fired to then reach the gurney. At that time in American History it was simply not possible for our government to admit that law enforcement would plant evidence. Had the Warren Commission been wholly forthright with the American people there may never have arisen the various conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy that lingered for decades.

One possible impediment toward a complete and forthright disclosure of the truth regarding the January 6th coup d’etat is the suicide occurrence of two Capitol District Police Officers in the aftermath of the coup d’etat. Was this mere coincidence? Perhaps. If there had only been one suicide, and could it be established that there were significant troubles of a personal, not professional, nature that may have drawn an established veteran of the police force to take his own life, then I would agree. But two suicides, both of which would need strong personal motivations to commit such a terrible tragedy, seems less likely to me. Few difficulties in the life of any human being are so troubling that death becomes the only means for release.