The R Word

Hatred Exposed
By Steven J. Grisafi, PhD.

The following is an excerpt from a news article published on the website of Deutsche Welle on Saturday, August 29th 2020:

“Clashes broke out at an anti-Islam rally in the Norwegian capital of Oslo on Saturday, prompting authorities to end the event early. The rally, organized by the group Stop Islamization of Norway (SIAN), took place near the parliament building. Hundreds of counter-protesters also gathered, banging drums and chanting “No racists in our streets,” reported news agency DPA.”

Who are the racists here? The protesters who wish to restrict the influence of Islamic culture on their Christian society or the counter-protesters who claim that there is a biological difference between muslims and themselves? Islam is a religion. But it is accompanied with a strong secular culture. Who are the muslims that have immigrated to Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Sweden? Most muslim immigrants to Norway first pass through Sweden. In earlier decades those immigrants were mostly refugees from Iran. This means that they are Persians. Persians are linguistically derivative of the Indo-Iranian language group, which happens to be a subset of the Indo-European language group. This is our group, we the so-called white people of Europe. In more recent times the muslim refugees to Sweden and Norway have come from Syria. This means that they are Arabs. Their linguistic group is that of the Semetic peoples, which includes the Jews. Do Norwegians consider Jews to be biologically different from themselves? If they do, I very much doubt that they would speak of this belief publicly.

We seem to be trapped within a confused juxaposition in which certain persons assert a false non-existence for the concept of race. While others, who are seemingly supportive of the first group, fail to recognize that the position they take asserts a true reality for the concept. Although Islam is a religion the chant of the counter-protesters evokes the concept of race. African-Americans emphatically assert the non-reality of the concept of race. They consider it to be a false empty proposition. The Reverend Al Sharpton has repeatedly emphasized that there is only one race, the human race. So why do the Norwegian counter-protesters introduce the concept of race when it is to be taken as false?

They do so because the use of the word “racist” has come to be adopted as an antithetical use for the word n*****. N****** was merely an Anglicized corruption of a Spanish word for black. The word itself is harmless. But it has become an expression of hatred. And so this is now true of the word racist. Its use is meant to convey hatred. It matters not whether the person accusing another of being a racist believes the concept of race to be false or true. The use of the word is solely an expression of hatred.

In a context addressing cultural issues, those who use the accusation racist need to recognize that they use the word in the same manner as n******. All of the Scandinavian nations have made emphatically clear their opposition to any political union with the peoples of Southern Europe. I understand that this is a cultural issue. Neither I, nor any other Italian-American, calls the Scandinavians racist for their desire to protect their Nordic cultures from Roman influence. Name-calling has never been accepted within polite political discourse. Democrats here in the United States need to recognize their use of the r-word is equivalent to the use of the n-word. Those who call other Americans racist for their desire control the cultural evolution of the United Sates need to understand this: That we shall always resist your demands and oppose your wishes. Let this serve as notice for those who cannot understand why any rational American would vote for a Republican candidate. We vote as we do to oppose those who call us racist without proper cause.