Who Are They?
By Steven J. Grisafi, PhD.

The following is the title of an article published on the website of Mother Jones:

It’s Not Anti-Catholic to Ask Amy Coney Barrett About Her Religious Group “People of Praise.”

Oh, no? Substitute the word “Jew” for “Catholic” and see what response you get. For far too long Catholics in America have endured the abuse that Jews in America would never tolerate. Catholics suffer this discrimination because Asian-Americans don’t care, Black Americans don’t care, and Protestant Americans take secret glee at whatever recriminations Jews raise against the Catholic Church.

Let’s get this straight: The Pope and his clergy must take a firm stance against abortion because it is their duty as messengers of God. Their inflexible position on this issue is not a reflection of Catholics in general. We, the body of Catholic peoples, are imperfect human beings with numerous flaws of our own. We may strive for perfection, but can never attain it, while yoked to our terrestrial form. We think for ourselves and accept the fact that the Pope and his clergy have a duty to sustain.

It is an annoying ploy that the Anglo-Saxon Protestants have invoked throughout America’s history to imply that Catholics don’t think for themselves. Maizie Hirono and Kamala Harris ought understand that Catholics are not so stupid as not to recognize the ploy of pretending to support a woman’s right to choose for what is actually condemnation of Catholicism. As I explained, the Pope and Clergy must take an inflexible stance. But each and everyone of us has FREE WILL. We all listen to experts for advice. The Pope advises just as Rabbis do. But Hirono and Harris won’t condemn the teachings of other religions. Hirono and Harris like to think, as do the Anglo-Saxons in America, that Jews are not the tiny minority that they actually are, but that Catholics are a small and insignificant minority that can be abused with impunity. Well, we are not a minority by any stretch of your imagination. We are the PLURALITY in America. No other group exceeds us. Hirono and Harris need not forget that half of all Catholics are women. Catholic women think for themselves and they don’t need any advice from Hirono and Harris.

Would Hirono and Harris criticize the extreme ideology of either Judaism, Hindu or Islam? Would they question a Muslim candidate, or even a Jew, for his or her religious belief regarding the creation of statues? Muslims vehemently oppose statues and the Hebrews rioted when the Romans placed a statue in Jerusalem. Muslims seek out and destroy statues of Buddha. Both are responding to the same religious belief that Christians, as well as just about every other rational human being on planet Earth, considers to be pure lunacy. They go berserk over marble sculptures, but don’t give a damn about a flesh and blood child. This is not a non-issue considering all the statues being destroyed across the United States and Europe. When Joseph Biden interviewed Kamala Harris for her candidacy of the Vice Presidential nomination did he ask her if she believes a widow should die on the funeral pyre of her deceased husband, as has been the practice of Hindus for thousands of years? Should he have asked Kamala Harris about the Caste System her ancestors practiced since time immemorial? Kamala Harris comes from a culture that did not even respect their own people and she pretends to have greater compassion than Catholics? A woman, who pretended on national television to have had an underprivileged childhood, being bussed to a superior school district, when her father was a tenured full professor of economics at Stanford University, has no reputation for telling the truth.

Contrary to whatever Justice Sotomayor may think, judges don’t create the laws. It ought never have become an issue what personal opinions a judge may hold with regard to fulfillment of his or her duties. Congress makes the laws. If Senators Hirono and Harris wish to protect a woman’s right to choose, Congress needs to pass the legislation protecting that right. If Congress cannot do so then what are the American people to think? We expect that Congress make the laws needed to maintain our Society. If our representatives in Congress cannot pass any such law then the American people ought think that it is not our wish to have any such law. This is not a matter for judges to decide. Congress must make the laws for the American people. Any judge who allows his or her personal opinions to influence his or her decisions is not fit for office. But some judges think it appropriate to legislate from the bench. They fail to recognize that only the law matters. If the law says nothing then there is no prohibition. This is a simple concept. Unfortunately, Americans do not now, and never did, understand the concept of the Rule of Law.